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Complete all the questions below and submit them to apply for an invite to ComicBT. After you have submitted your application you must join our irc at irc:// Port: 6667 and enter the channel #cbt.interviews, wait there until a staff member is available to ask any further questions and complete the interview process. Please answer every question completely, incomplete applications will not be considered valid. Only one application may be submitted per month.

Applicants who do not join IRC will be denied. If you have previously had an account and were disabled, do not submit this form. Join on IRC.

How did you hear about ComicBT?
Have you ever been a member of ComicBT before?
What username(s) do you use on private trackers?
Please list all trackers you are a member of.
Provide two unedited full screenshots for proof of ratio on private trackers
(only use imgur, dropbox or to upload screenshots)

Provide profile links to match those proofs
Link us to the results of a test from
What comics are you currently reading?
How long have you been reading comics?
What are some of your favorite comics?
Do you have any experience scanning comics?
Is there any other information that would help us make a decision?
What email would you like us to use for your invite (gmail only)?
The email address must be valid, we advise a Gmail adress. You will receive a confirmation email which you need to respond to. The email address won't be publicly shown anywhere.
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